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Topics You Need To Think About Before A House Renovation

Thinking of House Renovations

When you decide to renovate a home whether you already live in it or not, this is a huge task. In fact it is probably more than just about any single person can take on. Even if you have some experience in renovations, you still need the expert advice and assistance of other contractors and tradesmen. With so much going on, it can be easy to forget the most pivotal points that you must always consider when it comes to house renovation. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy checklist to help you stay on task and make sure everything gets done in a timely manner.

  1. Set A Hard Budget With Only A Little Wiggle Room
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Your budget will be the ultimate deciding factor in a lot of things you want to do with this renovation. That’s why it’s very important that you set a hard budget to stick with. However, we do also recommend that you give yourself a few thousand dollar wiggle room just in case things go over. But it’s important to not include that contingency figure in the original budget because then you are a lot more likely to spend it. Your reserve funds should be a back-up in case of an emergency such as needing to replace the hot water cylinder or discovering that some piles are not stable. They should not be your primary source of funding for the project.

  1. Have The House Inspected

Many people go on living in their old homes without regard for their safety. Borer, poor ground conditions, and general wear and tear can make an old house disqualify for certain consents from the Auckland Council. Call in an inspector to give the place you are aiming to renovate an official look over. He or she can tell you whether or not the place is actually worth salvaging, and if you will have any other costs to contribute to your renovation. This particular point also leads us into the next one, which is equally as important.

  1. Get Your Consents

If you’re doing any extensive renovations that will include the roof, foundations, garden, or even in some cases just additional rooms of your home, you will need to get the applicable local permits to do so. This will cost money, so be sure to include it in your budget. In order to get many of these tickets, you will need a council inspector to come out and check things anyway. There’s really no point trying to avoid this, even if you live in a rural area. Not only could you have to pay a hefty fine if you’re caught, but many contractors won’t even touch your house if you don’t have the appropriate building consents to start working. Further, if you try to sell the house at some time in the future and you cannot present the approvals, then it is highly likely that the sale will not be able to go ahead. Certainly there will be a hefty price reduction and probably a major delay as the vendor goes through the process of gaining approval.

  1. Needs Of The Family
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If you’re renovating, it’s probably because a room or something else isn’t functioning as it should. Maybe it’s too small. Perhaps it’s falling apart. On the other hand it maybe so outdated you can’t look at it anymore. Often people need to purpose a room into a bathroom or bedroom with privacy. Whatever your reason, make sure your renovation is going to fit the needs of your family. Don’t add on another bedroom just because you think a four bedroom house sounds good. If you don’t need the space for sleeping it could be better used as an extra bathroom.

  1. Being Honest About Your Building Skills

It’s in the Kiwi DNA to do DIY and building work but to be honest, that was for generations gone by. These days people do not have the time to commit to handling an extensive house renovation. Even if the idea sounds a good one, take a good long, honest look at your skills and time then ask our family members if they can go through months of upheaval. Most likely they will say that they would rather have the job finished sooner rather than having it drag out. So the best option, and surprisingly, often the lower cost route, is to call in a house renovation company such as Repair & Restore who are renovation specialists in Auckland. Check out their video recommendations.


Home renovations, whether any part or all of the building can be expensive, time consuming, frustrating, and very stressful. But it’s also super rewarding when it’s all done and you have a wonderful new space to live in. Do yourself a favour and make sure you go over the above points with everyone involved with the renovation project. It’s important for everyone to say on the same page and to have the same wishes, even if compromises must be made. Soon enough you will have the new home of your dreams. Hold onto the excitement – you might need it!