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How to Find Reputable Home Builders in Your Area

How to Find Reputable Home Builders in Your Area

If you have a home building or renovation project that you need professional help with, then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work researching. Finding a home builder won’t be difficult, as there are many contractors out there, ready to take on your project. Unfortunately, not all building companies are up to the same standard and one wrong move during the decision making process can equate to mounds of wasted time and money later on. The important thing is that you know where to look to find quality home building companies. Here are some tips for how to find reputable general contractors in your area:

Word of mouth. The best way to find a building firm you can rely on is to ask the people you know for their recommendations. You should approach friends and family members who have recently hired a house builder contractor for their own home building or renovation project. Ask them about their experiences with the builders they used. Be sure to ask how the building company performed, especially if they finished on schedule and more importantly, did they stick they to the financial budget?

Real estate agents. No matter where you live, you can be sure to find a multitude of real estate people in your area. Some of those realtors specialise in new construction, and you can bet that these sales people know the names of at least two or three top-notch new home builders. Search the web, or browse through your local phonebook listings, to find local real estate brokerages and realtors that may be able to help you compile a list of prospective general contractors for your project.

Auckland home building company

Auckland home building company- image Stuart Miles

Master Builders Association. Any reputable builder will be listed with the Master Builders Association. Call the builders’ association local office to speak with someone about acquiring a list of qualified, currently licensed house building companies in the Auckland area. Additionally, the builders’ association will be able to refer you to building firms who specialise in your type of construction project.

  1. Search the web to find home builders in your area. In addition to business names and phones numbers, the web also provides you with a number of valuable resources when it comes to researching building companies. Read customer reviews and look for testimonials. Some might even have video references too. All this information, right from the comfort of home without even having to pick up a phone.

If you have a new home building project and are looking for a house builder to help you, take a look at this site.

Topics You Need To Think About Before A House Renovation

Topics You Need To Think About Before A House Renovation

Many house holders think that renovating their bathroom or kitchen will add considerable value to their home. However, not very few homeowners realise that any increase is going to be dependent upon the amount of renovating and the amount that you spend. The same applies to any aspect of house renovation or home improvements.

House renovation Auckland

Renovating a home – image artur84

A key phrase to keep in mind is that cost does not always equal the same value. “Not every renovation will pay off when you come to sell the home,” according to a professional house-valuer in America, Richard Powers, MAI, SRA, President of the Appraisal Institute. He goes on to offer a few pointers on home improvement projects that may help people sell their homes for a higher price or in a shorter space of time. This site has some broad cost ranges for common house renovations in Auckland.


Don’t over-improve or over-capitalise. Instead of deciding to add another bedroom, look for what is standard in the other houses in your neighbourhood. Adding a deck might seem like a good idea but if no one else in the area has one, you may not see a return on investment.


Do invest in basic upgrades. Fresh paint (stick to neutral colors), new fixtures, flooring and lighting in kitchens and bathrooms can pay dividends. This is especially true with the front door. Remember, first impressions count and the first thing people see up close is your front door. If the window panes are cracked or the paint is peeling, the do not get a good impression.


Do consider adding an extra bathroom. Homeowners can often recoup the extra cost of a bathroom when they put their home on the market because of the appeal that extra bathrooms have for homebuyers. However, do not go overboard and add a marble-tiled 20 square meter bathroom just because you like it. Again, look at other houses in your locality and see what size those second bathrooms are.


Forego the swimming pool. While pools look good in the movies, generally they turn off more people than they attract because of the perceived upkeep and maintenance costs. Also you will need to have space to install protective fencing around the pool.

Home renovation builder

Home renovation builder- image stockimages

Enjoy your renovation. Why wait until you are ready to move to have that new kitchen? Generally, a new kitchen will hold its value for one or two years. However, if you are thinking of a larger renovation such as adding new rooms or knocking one or more rooms into a single big living area, then you might want to review the financing of the project. You could save some extra cash or you might want to take out an extra mortgage.


On all these projects, those that add square footage to bring a house up to-but not beyond-community norms generally pay off the most. Clearly some Auckland suburbs do well with major house renovations especially inner city ones like Grey Lynn, Ponsonby and Parnell. There are many fantastic old villas that have been renovated and extended to create magnificent homes. But this does not apply across the board in all suburbs.


One of the best and easiest ways to get some advice if you are thinking about a significant house renovation is to ask a local real estate agent what they think. They will be able to give some thoughts on the viability of adding extra rooms or not. This will not be advice you can take to a mortgage lender but it will give you some pointers as to whether your plan has merit or will provide any financial return or if it will be over-capitalised.


If the real estate agent’s informal suggestions are positive, you can take it to the next step and get some ball-park estimates from home renovations companies and then ask a certified valuer for their formal opinion.


Finally, short-list two or three potential renovators and get fixed-price quotations including time schedules. Ask for details of previous satisfied customers so you can get some verification about this builder’s standard of work and their adherence to budget. It might be worth accepting a higher bid if that particular builder sticks to the agreed price rather than finding there are lots of additional expenses down the track.

Important Issues To Bear In Mind For House Restoration

Important Issues To Bear In Mind For House Restoration

At time we let out houses slowly crumble only to do something when things seem to be at their worst. Restoring the house to its former glory will need proper planning. Whether you plan for this to be a DIY undertaking or you will enlist the expertise of house restoration professionals for the job, you still need to consider a few things before you embark on doing the renovations.

Here are a few points to consider for the house restoration:

Planning and preparation

Any project requires adequate planning before you it start. You need to address all aspects of the project from the materials you need, the course of action, the budge, when to start, and its estimated completion. Pre-work will also be a wise initial step to give you a scope of what the actual house restoration results will look like. Thus, skipping any of the two will be detrimental to the project.

House restorationCorrect measurements

The desire for a house restoration project is at time to correct the various prior mistakes in its construction. As such, it will be of little value to end up piling other mistakes. Having the correct measurements is critical; an inch or even half an inch can make a huge difference. Double-check all measurements to ensure they are correct.

Clear out everything

One come mistake people make is the notion that everything about the house should be cleared to create room for new upgrades. This is a wrong notion. Some areas of the house might be in an acceptable condition, and identifying these will greatly influence how much you will spend doing the restoration works.

Cheap might be expensive

Many people love the idea of saving money when doing a house restoration project and buying cheap materials is one way of achieving this. However, this is not always the most sensible option. If you cannot afford to complete it to the best standard, it is better to wait.

The right tools for the job

Buying the right kind of materials is important but using the right tools for the job is equally important. The tools you use can either lead to a good finish or be the elements that cause more damage to materials and the restoration project as a hold. Making sure that the tools used fit the task at hand is one way of doing things, but you also need to ensure that they are in a perfect condition for the job.

Get the lighting right

Unless we actually have a thing for a dark setting, we tend to prefer a house that has ample lighting. The restorations should not hamper this is that one of the few positive sides of the house prior to the new changes. If that was not the case, then making new changes should also address enough lighting for the house.

DIY – know the ropes

Calling in the professionals might not be necessary if the restorations are simple and you can handle them. The only thing about doing it yourself is to ensure that you are fully knowledgeable on what is required from the materials to the steps take. Do not shy away from a bit of research such to affirm that you know the ropes and will actually handle the house restorations from start to finish.

Having the right consents

Renovations Auckland

Renovations Auckland- image vorakorn

These days any major renovation work must have consent from the Council. You may not think you need the council’s approval at this stage but when you come to sell your home, any work must have the right documents and approvals or you will not be able to sell at a price you want. A buyer will drive a hard bargain if you do not have the appropriate documents in place which means you may not recover the cost of the work you did.

Work with the right experts

Many amateurs think they can tackle a few jobs and even some of the more significant renovations like a kitchen but a major renovation like adding rooms or combining s few smaller rooms into a big living space definitely requirements profession help. It makes sense to bring in professionals is DIY concepts are not your forte. Nevertheless, you need to evaluate the team you call in to handle the job just to make sure that you are working with experts in home building. This will also need you to have a few options of whom to hire for the job so that you get an affordable price.

For more ideas on finding restoration specialists, go here.

Mistakes to Avoid When Restoring Old Villas

Mistakes to Avoid When Restoring Old Villas


Renovated villa

Renovated villa – image RayWhite

Restoring an old villa is always a complex and involved process. Many new homeowners rush into the chance to purchase and restore an old villa in Auckland without considering all of the possible failing structural objects or outdated systems. That’s not to say the job is impossible, quite the opposite, but it’s rarely an overnight job. Restoring an old house takes planning, scheduling, builders, money, and some imagination. A true restoration will retain all of the historic value of the home, but all while updating systems and moving the home into the modern age. Below are a few common mistakes new homeowners make when restoring old homes.


Not Hiring A Builder.

There is a surprisingly large portion of these homeowners who attempt to restore the villas without hiring a professional builder. Very few of these projects succeed and manage to retain the historical value of the home. A team of professional contractors not only brings tools and experience to the table, they also bring time.

Renovating an Auckland villa

Builder renovating a villa – image marin|

Using a builder to restore old houses is really the smartest choice if you are interested in finishing the renovations within the next year. There is often far more to restoring an old house than cosmetic damage. Updating electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems can take a considerable amount of time, even when working with multiple teams of contractors.

It is especially important if you want to add these modern facilities, and you should. Since the vial or bungalow was not designed with air conditioning ducting in mind, you will have to find a way to install it while maintaining the design and visual integrity of the building. This is something that requires lots of vision with the design, plenty of knowledge in the installation and years of experience in making the finished job look right. You cannot learn this from a DIY book or renovation show on TV.


Not Having A Plan.

Hiring teams of contractors won’t do any good if everyone is moving around without a real plan. A lot of homeowners tend to think that a plan is really unnecessary with many of these renovations, especially if it’s only replacing a part here and there. To make things worse, a lot of homeowners start in a “crisis mode” where they insist on repairing certain damaged areas without taking the big picture into consideration. Many times with villa renovation projects, the unseen work is the most important. This work can take a long time to get done and so people think there is little progress with the overall project. Yet if the basics are not carried out properly then the final result will ultimately be compromised. This greatly hinders the time spent on the restoration. When there’s no underlying plan or “big picture” the homeowner rarely gets what they were hoping for.


You can avoid this common mistake by taking the time to draft a serious plan for the future of the home. This is your chance to address every issue in the home at once. This will ensure that all the builders, contractors, and yourself are working in sync towards a common goal. The restoration will move faster and the end-result is more likely to be what you were hoping for.


Another reason to have a sound plan is to avoid having expensive tradesmen standing around idle while they wait for someone else to finish their job before they can start theirs. Labour is probably going to be the biggest cost of the whole renovation project but it is also one of the easiest to control. However, this is not easy for an amateur so hiring a competent and experienced villa restoration building company is a smart move since they will be project managing the different trades.


Not Thinking It Through.

New homeowners who jump into these restoration projects thinking they will quickly “flip” the house for a profit are often sadly mistaken. Old houses are not ideal candidates for short-term investments. Properly restoring the villa and maintaining value is a long-term process, meaning it usually takes upwards of a year. Many of the short-term cosmetic improvements associated with flipping homes would cause permanent damage and severely reduce the value of the old house.


If you are interested in restoring a villa in Auckland, then you should always approach the opportunity with realistic expectations. This is not a short-term investment and is going to require some hard work. The end result; however, is worth every second.


For help with finding a well-respected villa renovation company, try this link.



Only Use a Professional Builder To Restore Old Villas

Only Use a Professional Builder To Restore Old Villas

When choosing a builder to restore your vintage home make sure that he is a professional who understands how to villa restoration rather than a good house builder. These are very different skills. You can often tell a builder by the construction equipment he uses. He should be knowledgeable about all aspects of your home including plumbing, electrical, roofing, carpentry, and foundation.

Restored villa

Restored villa- image blog.davies.net

There are very few things in life as enjoyable as a renovating an older home whether it is a countryside cottage, a Victorian townhouse or an old Auckland villa. Your new older home deserves only the best materials and builders. If you are considering doing a renovation of your old house there are some important things to consider. Homeowners are extremely proud of their homes and especially if it was one that was built with character and charm at a time when builders took pride in their workmanship.

When choosing a qualified builder to help you with the restoration of a villa you should always be a part of the decision-making process. Ask the builder what materials he is planning to use. The reason why this is important is because there are so-called restoration builders out there who cut corners by using poor quality materials. This will allow you to save money but in the long term you will be paying a lot more for the inferior building materials. Plus, when you come to sell the house at a later date, if it has not been restores properly then the buyers can beat you down on the price because it has not been restored to the highest standards.

There is a small group of high quality villa restoration builders who are hoping to secure the job of your bungalow or villa renovation. They all desire to renovate your home and will provide you with various quotations. However, some of the less reputable building companies will try to tempt you with a proposal that will seem too good to be true. These types of builders will never offer you a lot of detail. They will make statements assuring you they can do anything without being able to back it up with detailed descriptions and more importantly, examples of previous similar work. Do not be fooled by their fancy talk and their empty promises of the perfect job. Choose a villa restoration builder that has the qualifications to do the job the way that it should be done.

Restored villa in Auckland

Restored villa in Auckland – image artur84

One way of ensuring that you only hire reputable and proven house buildings companies is to look at their industry training certification and approvals. Many people have seen the Association of Master Builders but answer one which is sponsored by the NZ government to raise overall standards across the entire building industry is the Licensed Building Practitioners. A few villa restoration companies have LBP certification, Repair & Restore Ltd is one of them.

Another way that you can discover who is the best restoration builder to use is to ask for references from previous clients. When you have a number of builders come to your home to provide you with a quotation asked them for references. Whoever has the best testimonials is probably the restoration builder that you should choose. A villa restoration company like Repair and Restore Ltd is one of Auckland’s leading building companies in this field. They even have video testimonials on their website from some high profile clients. These happy customers are people who expect the best and would only give such glowing references if they were totally satisfied.